The most common area of the female body that begins to sag with age is breasts. Aging is not the only risk factor here. Other factors include pregnancy, breastfeeding, and losing a lot of weight in a short time span.

Although breasts are not made of muscle, but fatty tissue and mammary glands, you can achieve a perky breast shape by toning the muscles surrounding them.

Exercises To Firm & Lift the Breasts

Drooping breasts undermine womens self-esteem making them avoid certain clothing styles. Even though breasts are formed of fat, glands and connective tissue, their shape can be improved with certain exercises.

These will not make your breasts look like when you were in your 20s, but there will be an obvious improvement.

A supportive bra that fits you neatly is essential for the proper support of your breast tissue.

It lifts your breasts and prevents them from sagging. You should wear a supportive bra all the time, particularly when working out.


Your breasts can acquire a more prominent form if you lose weight. Being overweight makes your breasts sag as they are too heavy and droop. But losing weight quickly can also have an adverse effect on your breast shape because breast skin becomes loose. A healthy pace to lose weight is 1-2 pounds a week.