Video: The Importance Of Vitamin D

July 11, 2020 hr-aupo 0

We know that we can get Vitamin D from the sun- but did you know that you can also get it from some delicious, healthy foods? We’re talking to registered dietitian and nutritionist Vicki Shanta […]

Video: The Health Benefits Of Fish

June 29, 2020 hr-aupo 0

Fish can be a wonderful addition to a healthy diet- filled with lots of great nutrients! Jane Monzures is talking with nutritionist and fitness chef Ashley Walter about what we should be choosing and how […]

Video: Healthy Date Night Meals

June 17, 2020 hr-aupo 0

When a lot of us think about having a date night, we think about having indulgent foods. But there’s plenty of ways to cook up a delicious meal at home that will feel special and […]

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