Video: Healthy Snacking Hacks

September 26, 2020 hr-aupo 0

Snacking is something we all do- but how does it fit into a healthy diet? Registered dietitian nutritionist Kim Rose is sharing her healthy snacking hacks with Jane, and teaching her how to snack smart. […]

Video: Smoothie School

September 12, 2020 hr-aupo 0

Our latest ‘Healthy Eats’ features a very tasty topic- smoothies! They can be a great addition to a healthy diet if you add the right ingredients. So today we’re heading to smoothie school with registered […]

Video: Keeping Your Blood Sugar Balanced

August 8, 2020 hr-aupo 0

Anyone living with diabetes knows it’s important to keep your blood sugars balanced. But that advice can actually benefit all of us! So for our latest ‘Healthy Eats’ we’re talking to Mary Ellen Phipps, a […]

Video: Healthy Grilling

July 27, 2020 hr-aupo 0

A lot of times when we think about grilling, we think about hot dogs and hamburgers. But there are plenty of healthier options to toss on the grill! Today we’re talking to registered dietitian Lara […]

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