Snicker Doodle Popper Bites

March 25, 2020 healthy 0

I love making yummy tasty treats for everyone, especially on rainy days. Well on this one particular really rainy day, I wanted to bring some light into the house by making something mighty tasty for […]

Brownie Mix Gift

March 21, 2020 healthy 0

I love giving and receiving all kind of presents (who doesnt?). But its really unforgettable when the present is homemade. friend of mine recently moved to a new home so I was searching for a […]

Pumpkin Pound Cake

March 4, 2020 healthy 0

With the drawing in of the nights and the chill in the air, its the perfect time of year to switch on the oven and start baking. Halloween is just around the corner, so pumpkins […]

Copycat Drink Recipes

March 3, 2020 healthy 0

I would love to have a drink at Starbucks but Im trying to eat and drink homemade and healthy things. In addition, Starbucks is so far away, theres no point to go there only for […]

How to throw a mini pizza party

March 1, 2020 healthy 0

During the years my husband and I have hosted several get-togethers with family friends and lots of birthday parties and sleepovers for our two children. And since they wanted to throw another sleepover this weekend […]

Horribly bad cooking fails

March 1, 2020 healthy 0

While very few people ever achieve the culinary greatness of Julia Childs, or Gordon Ramsay, most people can at least boil water. But then there are those that cant. And these people should never, ever […]

Not Your Ordinary Fondant

February 26, 2020 healthy 0

When my daughter was graduating from school, I decided to make her a graduation cake. I wanted to do a practice run to make sure it was great for the big day. I bought and […]

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