One of the Many Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

March 29, 2020 healthy 0

When it comes to health, often times people feel like they can make decisions on their own; however, medical professionals warn that in some instances self-diagnosis can be dangerous. Heart attacks are a good example […]

Your Belly Fat Could Lead to Heart Disease

March 27, 2020 healthy 0

Obesity is a significant issue in todays society, with approximately 35 percent of the global population being overweight and 11 percent being obese, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The problem has become so […]

Magnesium Slashes the Risk of Stroke

March 24, 2020 healthy 0

A stroke is defined as the sudden death of brain cells caused by inadequate blood flow to the brain. It is estimated that there are between 40,000 and 50,000 stokes in Canada every year. Sadly, […]

Ways to Get Your Heart Pumping

February 1, 2020 healthy 0

Cardiovascular disease, or CD, is the term used to describe both heart disease and vascular disorders. CD is a major cause of disability and the number one killer worldwide. In fact, heart disease alone kills […]

“Adult” Worm and Dirt Parfaits

January 17, 2020 healthy 0

Spring is here? Or so I think anyways? It doesn’t want to make up it’s mind yet and still freezing at nights. I want to plant some veggies in my garden. Gardening made me think […]

Firecracker Salmon

January 9, 2020 healthy 0

Sorry, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Last week was super busy for me. I had a great time at the Bacon and Beer Festival on Saturday. I was there selling my cookbook with […]

Low Carb Enchilada Lettuce Wraps

December 19, 2019 healthy 0

Tonight, I had tacos on my mind. Lately, I’ve been making these waffle nachos that are just so stinking good. I’ll cook up some ground beef and add in a packet of taco seasoning and […]

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