Video: Healthy Grilling

July 27, 2020 hr-aupo 0

A lot of times when we think about grilling, we think about hot dogs and hamburgers. But there are plenty of healthier options to toss on the grill! Today we’re talking to registered dietitian Lara […]

Video: The Importance Of Vitamin D

July 11, 2020 hr-aupo 0

We know that we can get Vitamin D from the sun- but did you know that you can also get it from some delicious, healthy foods? We’re talking to registered dietitian and nutritionist Vicki Shanta […]

Video: The Health Benefits Of Fish

June 29, 2020 hr-aupo 0

Fish can be a wonderful addition to a healthy diet- filled with lots of great nutrients! Jane Monzures is talking with nutritionist and fitness chef Ashley Walter about what we should be choosing and how […]

Video: Healthy Date Night Meals

June 17, 2020 hr-aupo 0

When a lot of us think about having a date night, we think about having indulgent foods. But there’s plenty of ways to cook up a delicious meal at home that will feel special and […]

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